CO-operating Real-time senTient objects:
architecture and
EXperimental  evaluation
  IST Programme RTD Research Project IST-2000-26031.
 [ 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2004]

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Harrison, D. Levine, and D. Schmidt.
The Design and Performance of a Real_ Time CORBA Event Service.
In Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Object_ Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA). Atlanta, Georgia, USA: ACM Press, 1997, pp.184_ 200.  
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A. Carzaniga, D. S. Rosenblum, and A. L. Wolf.
  Area Event Notification Service.
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, vol. 19, pp. 283
_ 331, 2001.
Available at

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Generic Support for Distributed Applications.
IEEE Computer March 2000 (Vol. 33, No. 3)
Available at

J. Brustoloni.
Autonomous Agents: Characterization and Requirements.
Carnegie Mellon Technical Report CMU_ CS_ 91_ 204, Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University.
Available at

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Sensor Fusion for state abstraction Using Bayesian Classifier.
IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems (INES'98), pp.90-104, 1998.
Available at

P. Tarr, H. Ossher, W. Harrison, S. Sutton.
N Degrees of Separation: Multi
_ Dimensional Separation of Concerns.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'99), May, 1999. 
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Anind K. Dey, Gregory D. Abowd_
Towards a Better Understanding of Context and Context Awareness.
GVU Technical Report GIT
_ GVU_ 99_ 22
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Harter A., Hopper A., Steggles P., Ward A., Webster P.
The Anatomy of a Context
_ Aware application.
In Proceedings of MOBICOM 99, Seattle, 1999.  
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Anind K. Dey., Daniel Salber, Gregory D. Abowd.
A Context
_ Based Infrastructure for Smart Environments.
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Managing Interactions in Smart Environments, Dublin, Ireland, December 1999.
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Implementing a Sentient Computing System.
IEEE Computer August 2001 (Vol. 34, No.8).
Available at

Gregory V. Chockler, Idit Keidar, Roman Vitenberg.
Group Communication Specifications: A Comprehensive Study.
To appear in ACM Computing Surveys
Available at

G._ C. Roman, Q. Huang; A. Hazemi.
Consistent Group Membership in Ad Hoc Networks.
ACM 23rd international conference on Software Engineering.
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R. Prakash and R. Baldoni.
Architecture for group communication in mobile systems.
Proceedings 17th IEEE Symp. on Reliable Distributed Systems.
Available at

Flaviu Cristian, Frank Schmuck.
Agreeing on Processor Group Membership in Timed Asynchronous Distributed Systems.

UCSD Technical Report CSE95
_ 428, 1995.  
Available at

László Gulyás.
Application of Stigmergy – A Coordination Mechanism for Mobile Agents.
In Proceedings of 1st Hungarian Conference on Agent
           Based Computing (HUNABC. '98), Budapest May 1998.  
Available at

Deborah Estrin, Ramesh Govindan, John Heidemann, and Satish Kumar.
Next Century Challenges: Scalable Coordination in Sensor Networks.
In Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, pp. 263-270. Seattle, Washington, USA, ACM. August, 1999.
Available at

Huang Yongqiang, Garcia Molina Hector.
Publish/Subscribe in a Mobile Environment.
2nd ACM International Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (MobiDE 01).
Available at

Christof Fetzer, Flaviu Cristian.
_ Awareness in Timed Asynchronous Systems.
Proceedings of the 15th ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, May 1996, Philadelphia.
Available at

Hermann Kopetz.
A Comparison of CAN and TTP.
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H. Kopetz, G. Grunsteidl, and J. Reisinger.
Fault tolerant membership service in a synchronous distributed real
_ time system.
In Proceedings of the IFIP WG10.4 Int'l Working Conference on Dependable Computing for Critical Applications, August 1989.
Available at

Flaviu Cristian.
Synchronous Atomic Broadcast for Redundant Broadcast Channels (1990).
Journal of Real
Time Systems.
Available at

J. Kaiser, M. Mock.
Implementing the Real-Time Publisher/Subscriber Model on the Controller Area Network (CAN).
Proceedings of the 2nd Int. Symp. on Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing (ISORC99), Saint-Malo, France, May 1999.
Available at
J. Kaiser, M. A. Livani. 
Achieving Fault-Tolerant Ordered Broadcasts in CAN.
Proc. of the Third European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC-3), Prague, Sep. 1999.
Available at
M.A. Livani, J. Kaiser.
Evaluation of a Hybrid Real-Time Bus Scheduling Mechanism for CAN.
7th Int. Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems (WPDRTS ´99), San Juan, Puerto Rico, Apr. 1999. Also appeared in José Rolim et al. (Eds.): Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1586, pp. 425-429, Springer Verlag Berlin, 1999.
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Paulo Veríssimo, António Casimiro, L. M. Pinho, F. Vasques, Luís Rodrigues, E. Tovar.
Distributed Computer-Controlled Systems: the DEAR-COTS Approach.
in Proceedings of the 16th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems, Sydney, Australia, November 2000.
Available at
António Casimiro, Pedro Martins, Paulo Veríssimo.
How to Build a Timely Computing Base using Real-Time Linux.
In Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems, Porto, Portugal, September 2000.
Available at
Paulo Veríssimo, António Casimiro, C. Fetzer.
The Timely Computing Base: Timely Actions in the Presence of Uncertain Timeliness.
in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, New York, USA, June 2000.
Available at
António Casimiro, Paulo Veríssimo.
Timing Failure Detection with a Timely Computing Base.
3rd European Research Seminar on Advances in Distributed Systems (ERSADS'99), Madeira Island, Portugal, April 23-28, 1999.
Available at
Paulo Veríssimo.
Ordering and timeliness requirements of dependable real-time programs.

Journal of Real-Time Systems, Kluwer Eds., (7): 105--128, 1994.
Available at
Paulo Veríssimo.
Global Computing - A Vision
Presented at Global Computing: Co-operation of Autonomous and Mobile Entities in Dynamic Environments, Consultation Workshop, Edinburgh - September 2000.
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