CO-operating Real-time senTient objects:
architecture and
EXperimental  evaluation
  IST Programme RTD Research Project IST-2000-26031.
 [ 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2004]

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Project Deliverables

These are the publicly available deliverables. The private deliverables are available to project members.

D1: Definition of application scenarios

D2: Preliminary definition of CORTEX programming model

D3: Preliminary definition of CORTEX interaction model

D4: Preliminary definition of CORTEX system architecture

D5: Preliminary specification of basic services and protocols

D6: Final definition of CORTEX programming model

D7: Proof-of-concept prototypes

D8: Analysis and design of application scenarios

D9: Final Definition of CORTEX Interaction Model

D10: Demonstrator Report

D11: Final Definition of CORTEX System Architecture

D12: Final Specification of Basic Services and Protocols

D13: Evaluation Report

D14: Final Report (annex: Project's Assessment Fiche

D18: Dissemination and Use Plan



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